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Our mission; “To empower individuals with truth, knowledge, and solutions to achieving a healthier body for optimum health.”  

How I Can Help You

Online Serivces

Providing a  convenient and safe way you can get services from privacy of your own home

45 Minutes


$ 70

Group Counseling

A group counseling format provides a challenging and supportive environment in which members can explore and discuss their concerns with peers and professionals.

Weekly Sessions


$ 45

The outcome of therapy is usually a positive one

45 Minutes


$ 70

Individual Counseling


Gains Assessment

The GAIN-I is a comprehensive Bio-psychosocial Assessment designed to support clinical diagnosis, placement, treatment planning, performance monitoring, program planning and economic analysis. It is designed to be used primarily in clinical settings.

Up to 3 Hours


$ 248




EAP helps employees deal with work or life stressors in many areas.

45 minutes


$ 50

Counseling is a confidential process that uses evidence-based practice

60 Minutes


$ 100

Couples Counseling

Self-improvement workshop

This session focuses on the inner side of success—self-improvement techniques to gain insight, improve habits, increase productivity, and refocus the mind.

45 Minutes


$ 90

Accelerated Resolution Therapy

This is a specialty therapy service that is unique. You work on the emotions attached to images you do not have to talk about the trauma and you feel fabulous after the session.

60 minutes- 90 minutes


$90- $120

This is a court-ordered evaluation that must be done before sentencing can occur for the

DUI offense. 

90 minutes



DUI Evaluations